Probate & Estate Administration

Texas Probate Lawyers
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Probate is the process of transferring a decedent’s assets and property.  An expert probate lawyer is generally a must.

The law firm of Nance & Simpson, L.L.P. provides comprehensive and expert probate and estate administration services to clients throughout Texas.

Houston Estate Administration Attorney

Nance & Simpson handles both dependent estate administration and independent estate administration under Texas law.

Most of the time, an independent administration of the probate estate is sought since it is the easiest and most cost effective for the family or for the executor or administrator.  However, sometimes, a dependent estate administration is preferable or required.  This can be the case where there are many creditors, or when a decedent died without a will or did not specifically appoint an independent executor in the existing will (and the beneficiaries cannot agree).

In addition to uncontested estate administration, Nance & Simpson also assists the executor or administrator in the preparation of the federal estate tax return if required.

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