Business Sales & Acquisitions

Houston Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney
Nance & Simpson, L.L.P.

Acquiring or selling a company is not an “ordinary” business transaction and requires that a number of important factors be taken into consideration before completion.

The law firm of Nance & Simpson, L.L.P. has helped numerous clients in the Greater Houston area and across the state, to buy, sell, and merge existing business organizations successfully. If you are considering such a decision, a Texas mergers and acquisitions attorney from their firm can help you accomplish your goals in the most effective and economical way possible.

Maximizing Your Gain—Minimizing Your Taxes
Careful tax planning is essential in the purchase or sale of any business. The lawyers at Nance & Simpson will analyze your proposed transaction and take into account all the projected tax liabilities that may be involved. They will also explain the available options in achieving your goals that may result in minimizing the amount of taxes you pay.

In addition to structuring the transaction for tax purposes, your attorneys will prepare the necessary stock purchase agreement or asset purchase agreement and work with the existing management to ensure that there is a smooth business transition as ownership changes hands.

Contact an accomplished Houston mergers and acquisitions attorney at the law firm of Nance & Simpson, L.L.P. today.