Houston Guardianship Attorney

Guardianship is the process of gaining legal control over an incapacitated person. Legal guardianship of the person or estate of an incapacitated person or minor child places the eventual guardian and his or her lawyer in a position of immense trust
and responsibility.

The law firm of Nance & Simpson, L.L.P. has earned that trust from clients from throughout the Houston area through the quality and diligence of the work that they provide in the legal field of guardianship.

Guardianship is usually considered a last resort when powers of attorney or other alternatives to guardianship are not available. Contact a board certified Texas lawyer at their firm today to learn more about how they may assist you.

Long-Term Relationships

Although clients seek to establish guardianships for different reasons, all of them tend to be ongoing, long-term relationships. The administration of the guardianship estate of an incapacitated adult is probably the most common type.

Typically, one person seeks control of an incapacitated loved one’s affairs to protect them from themselves or others. Whatever the reason, the attorneys at Nance & Simpson provide the kind of personalized attention and skilled legal services clients need to feel safe with these important decisions.

Their firm offers a full spectrum of services ranging from annual reporting and documentation requirements to courtroom representation.

Contact an experienced Houston guardianship litigation attorney at the law firm of Nance & Simpson, L.L.P. today.