LLCs, Partnerships & Other Business Organizations

Houston Business Formation Attorneys
Nance & Simpson, L.L.P.

There are many factors that a business owner must consider when forming a business entity. The multiple factors and many entity types to choose from can become confusing for business owners. What helps to simply the process for most business owners is to remain focused on the following principle:

Business owners want a business entity that provides the maximum liability protection, but also enables minimum taxation. But it is difficult to navigate the business entity option on your own, which is why you should retain a knowledgeable business formation attorney at Nance & Simpson, L.L.P.

Nance & Simpson, L.L.P. provides exceptional representation and ongoing business guidance with legal services such as:

  • Choosing an organizational entity (LPs, LLPs, LLCs and others)
  • Preparing corporate governance documents such as bylaws, company agreements, limited partnership agreements, shareholder and director minutes, and written consents in lieu of meetings
  • Preparing Shareholder / Partner Voting Agreements and Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Assistance with contracts, commercial transactions, and tax planning
  • Representation in business sales and purchase transactions

The attorneys at the law firm of Nance & Simpson represent clients throughout the Greater Houston area and the entire state of Texas who are starting new business ventures or seeking to reorganize existing ones to better meet their current needs. As your attorneys, they will take a comprehensive view of all your needs and goals, clearly explain the best options you have available, and handle the other details of your business formation once you have made your decision.

To speak with a knowledgeable Houston business formation lawyer about your business, contact Nance & Simpson today.